What to expect when you visit us

Before You Visit

Prior to you attending your first hydrotherapy session we will contact your vet for an up to date medical history and consent form.


We ask you not to feed your dog for up to 3 hours prior to a swimming/treadmill session and not to feed them for up to an hour after each session. We also ask for you to bring a towel with you.

Your Session

For your first session we allow approximately 45 minutes, this gives us time to settle in and get to know your pet while doing a full health check and consultation to discuss you and your dogs needs. We will also take muscle mass measurements and assess range of movement and gait analysis. After this evaluation we will decide the appropriate form of treatment i.e aquatic treadmill or pool. All programs are individually designed to aid your pets recovery.

Sessions are always private and the length of session depends on your dogs condition, needs and ability. We aim to start off slowly as a few minutes in the pool is equivalent to doing over an hours exercise on land and gradually increase session lengths to allow for improvements in their capability.

After Every Session

After each hydrotherapy session every dog gets rinsed off with the option of being shampooed, we will then give them a hair dry and towel rub down. In colder months we advise to bring a coat to keep them nice and warm on the way home.


There is a green to the left hand side of our centre where dogs can toilet before entering reception.


Stand alone treatment
including a free shampoo