The word Hydrotherapy originates from Greece and translates into water- healing it has been used and proven for thousands of years all over the world. It was originally used for humans but over the years has been just as successful on horses and dogs.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise using nearly every muscle in the anatomy.
It also allows the animal to exercise in a non weight bearing environment which relieves pressure on joints reducing pain and encouraging a better range of joint movement.

Hainault Hydrotherapy offer canine and feline rehabilitation and have both the hydrotherapy pool and water treadmill. The choice of hydrotherapy method used is dependent upon the animals injury/condition, breed and behaviour. The treadmill is especially good for water phobic dogs.

Prior to the commencement of treatment, we will liaise with your veterinary surgery to make sure we have an up to date history to provide the best treatment for your pet. We understand how upsetting and stressful it can be when having an injured or disabled dog or cat and will do everything we can to assist you through this difficult time.

Our hydrotherapists assess each animal on their first visit, from this assessment we then decide which method of treatment is best for your animal, either the pool or aquatic treadmill or even a combination of both.

A further health check will be performed prior to each session and the animal's progress discussed with the owner. Muscle mass measurements, range of movement and gait analysis are recorded on the first session and again after a minimum of 10 sessions.


for a Dog
for a Cat (requires 2 staff)
Stand alone treatment
including a free shampoo