Swimming For Fun

Many people seem to think that hydrotherapy is just for canines that are injured or have veterinary problems. This is not the case we have lots of clients who understand the benefits of swimming their dogs but also understand the health risks associated with swimming in lakes or rivers.

We welcome clients who attend just for fun and fitness and to keep on top of their dogs weight as it is a great calorie burner too!

In most cases dogs take to hydrotherapy sessions very well, there is always a hydrotherapist in the pool with them encouraging and playing fetch with the toys. Owners are very welcome to get involved interacting with their dog or dogs! Although you might get a bit wet!

We have found that agility dogs have benefited from the extra muscle strength and gone on to perform really well and have also had clients showing at Crufts level that have said that the judges have commented on their excellent body condition and improved gait and have actually got better marks as a result of swimming.

We do still need consent from the vet even though it is a fun session just to ensure there is no underlying reason not to swim your dog. We will liaise with them directly so there should be no need to attend the vets prior to attending our centre.