Grooming Parlour - Pristine Paws

Pristine Paws is a professional grooming parlour and spa with a purpose built salon to meet all your dogs grooming needs in a friendly and relaxing environment.

Our staff are City & Guilds Qualified with over 20 years experience and are true animal lovers who ensure your dog feels calm, confident and cared for whilst they enjoy their pamper at Pristine Paws.

Prior to all grooms you will have a full consultation with a member of our staff who as well as being fully trained in all breed standard cuts also understands that all dogs and their owners have their own individual needs and preferences and will deliver the personal service you require. Dogs receive a general health check prior to grooming and we are very proud to be able to offer our grooming services to disabled dogs as we have over 7 years experience in canine hydrotherapy.

We don't use Cabinet dryers but do have a range of hand held drying equipment to ensure even the most nervous of dogs can be catered for.

All breeds of dogs will benefit from regular grooming. A good groom promotes shinny coats and stimulates the blood supply to the skin, removes itchy loose hair and helps to prevent painful mats in long haired breeds. And like human a nice massage whilst having a bath can be very relaxing.

We stock a wide range of grooming products to ensure your dog is receiving the best groom possible. All grooms include ear cleaning (and plucking if required) and nail clipping. Anal glands will also be included upon request.