Physiotherapy for your pet

Veterinary physiotherapy aims to relieve your animal's pain, improve their independence, function and performance. Physiotherapy may be appropriate for your dog, horse or cat to improve their rehabilitation from an injury or for a condition that is affecting their movement, behaviour and function.

A veterinary physiotherapy assessment will entail a comprehensive evaluation of your animal's gait (movement) and musculoskeletal system in order to identify areas of dysfunction and pain.

Conditions appropriate for physiotherapy include:

  • Spinal dysfunctions (back pain; disc related disease; osteoarthritis; equine check ups)
  • Joint problems (degenerative joint disease; arthritis; pain; injury)
  • Post surgical rehabilitation (orthopaedic - joint or spinal surgery)
  • Muscular strains
  • Neurological conditions (CDRM, FCE)
  • Sports or working injuries
  • Performance difficulties

Physiotherapy treatments include:

  • Soft tissue techniques / massage therapy
  • Joint mobilisation techniques
  • Electrotherapy (muscle stimulation; electromagnetic therapy and ultrasound)
  • Exercise rehabilitation (use of wobble cushions; T-touch techniques; exercises)
  • Splinting
  • Advice

About Physio-Vision:

Sarah Sandford (neé Dalton) qualified from Kings College, London (BSc Hons Physiotherapy) in 2002 and then went on to obtain her Veterinary Physiotherapy at The Royal Veterinary College (MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy). She is a Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist and an ACPAT (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy) Cat A member qualified to assess and treat your pet with physiotherapy.

Working closely with veterinary practitioners and nurses involved in your pet's care Sarah aims to provide assessment and treatment sessions that enhance your animal's rehabilitation and recovery. If your animal is experiencing pain from a musculoskeletal condition, has undergone surgery or is suffering from a neurological condition then physiotherapy may help.

Please feel free to contact Sarah to assess if your pet may benefit from a physiotherapy assessment and treatment.