Swimming Pool

The pool is heated between 28 to 30 degrees which is the optimum temperature for rehabilitation. It is crucial that the water used for hydrotherapy is kept at the correct temperature because the thermal effect promotes the circulation of blood flow to the muscles thereby improving the oxygen supply and helps reducing swelling and tight muscles to relax. Swimming in cold water can actually be counter-productive as it reduces blood circulation. Cold muscles are more likely to stiffen up and cramp and could do further damage.

Hydrotherapy is an excellent way to improve the cardiovascular system. When a dog is swimming through the water or walking against it in the treadmill the hydrostatic pressure of the water puts pressure on the chest making breathing more difficult resulting in making the heart and lungs work harder in order to meet the increased demand for nutrients by all the muscles which are being worked, which leads to an improved respiratory and cardio vascular system.

Hydrostatic pressure can also reduce a dog's perception of pain, allowing them to perform movements they would find very difficult on land allowing in time a better range of movement.

Our hydrotherapy pool is also equipped with swim jets, which are useful for additional sensory input when a patient has suffered a neurological injury.