Aquatic Treadmill

Our aqua treadmill is the latest state of the art Tudor treadmill. It has dual entry/exit doors and has foot placing either side so your hydrotherapist can accompany your dog/cat if needed throughout the session. This allows them to guild and support them with gait re education where necessary. The treadmill is ideal for dogs to exercise whilst supported by the warm water to gain an excellent range of movement in the limbs and encourages extension, flexion and placement of the feet in a very controlled environment. The ability to vary the depth of the water and the speed enables us to achieve the correct gait pattern for the patient. It allows us to cater for dogs of all sizes and abilities. Adjusting the water height allows us to increase or decrease the resistance the dog is walking against and reduce the load on the dog's joints. It is also beneficial for those with heart or respiratory problems that find swimming in the pool too exhausting and dogs that are water phobic who simply prefer to have 4 paws on the ground.

The clear glass construction of our treadmill allows the hydro therapist the luxury of being able to see the whole gait of the dog unimpeded.

Despite the fact that cats are not naturally water lovers we've had good results over the last couple of years and have found it has been very useful in conjunction with physiotherapy.