Izzys Story

Izzy Searle first came to Hainault Hydrotherapy towards the end of January 2011 suffering with bilateral hip dysplasia. Izzy was only 5 months old when she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and wasn't allowed out for long walks and wasn't able to run about and act like a puppy should. She was in a lot of discomfort and needed surgery as well as hydrotherapy to help rehabilitate her and strengthen her hips pre and post operation.

Izzy came to us pre op to help build her muscles surrounding the pelvis and to build up her core stability as well as cardiovascular fitness levels, before her first hip replacement in March 2011.

Izzy then continued her hydrotherapy post operation to help rebuild muscle wastage and core stability as well as improving her range of movement. She then had her second hip replacement and once able, returned to hydrotherapy. She continued to progress with her hydrotherapy and her recovery rate was a lot quicker than on her first operation.

Izzy later had to have a third operation on her left hip before Christmas 2011 as she was experiencing some discomfort and was referred back to the vets.

Since having the final procedure Izzy has come on leaps and bounds and is now living a normal healthy life, she's built up her fitness levels and muscle mass and is now attending hydrotherapy for maintenance and fitness purposes. She now enjoys going for walks and is off her painkillers.