Jimbos Story - Ongoing lameness and muscle atrophy

Jimbo came to hydrotherapy in July 2011 due to having an ongoing lameness problem with his left hind limb as well as muscle atrophy in both hind limbs. Jimbo wasn't able to walk for very long without showing signs on lameness.

When Jimbo first came to our centre he was only toe touching on his left hind leg and very reluctant to put much weight on it. Jimbo started on our hydrotherapy treadmill to encourage him to place more weight on his left hind while being supported by the water, the treadmill also helped to build up his muscle mass on both hind legs giving him the extra support that he needed. We started Jimbo off doing just a few mins on the treadmill but gradually built his time up to 12mins as the months went on.

The treadmill proved to be very beneficial for Jimbo and he soon starting placing more weight on his left hind leg. Jimbo's mum noticed a difference in how he was walking quite quickly the lameness had improved and mum was able to start gradually increasing his walks.

Around Christmas time 2011 Jimbo was doing so well mum was able to exercise him for an hour and a half with no signs of lameness, she had also weaned him off his Metacam medication as well. Jimbo was originally coming twice a week to receive his treatment but has recently decreased his treatments to once and week and continues to show no sign on lameness.

Jimbo had put an inch of muscle on both hind limbs and has also lost 2kg in weight since starting his treatment. Jimbo is continuing with his hydrotherapy to keep up the muscle bulk that he has developed over the months as well as to keep his fitness levels up.

VETS TESIMONIAL - Katie Dmitrijeva - Best Friends Vet, Rainham

"I referred Jimbo for hydrotherapy as he was very stiff and had a lot of muscle wastage. After 2 months of attending Hainault Hydrotherapy he came back for a check up and I couldn't believe the progress he had made in such a short time. His muscle tone had increased, he was a happier dog and is no longer in need of medication."