Karas Story - Hip Dysplasia

Kara first attended Hainault Hydrotherapy in March 2012 after being diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. She wasn't able to go out for long walks and was in a lot of discomfort if she tried to play with any other dogs or toys. She was having to use NAIDS and controlled exercise on lead to cope with daily life. She was only able to walk for 10 mins a few times a day before she would start to experience pain and show signs of great discomfort.

Since starting her hydrotherapy treatment Kara has improved no end, when she first started her hydrotherapy sessions she was only able to swim for 3 and a half minutes but has been able to build her time up to 14mins over the past 8 months.

She is now able to go on longer walks on and off lead and her quality of life has greatly improved. Kara is currently managing her condition conservatively and isn't looking at having an operation for the time being. Kara is also off all her medication and shows no signs of discomfort or pain.

Kara thoroughly enjoys her sessions and is always eager to get in and play fetch and chase. Her muscle mass has increased by an average of 3inches on both hind legs and she now has a muscle tone strong enough to help support her and enables her to live her life comfortably and enjoy her walks without experiencing any pain.