Shadey Fisher - Osteoarthritis

Shadey has been attending Hainault Hydrotherapy since July 2012 suffering with Osteoarthritis. Shadey was quite lethargic and didn't show much interest when out for her walks, she was rather stiff and achy and was also on a diet to assist in some weight loss. She was also receiving medication to help ease her pain caused by the arthritic changes.

When Shadey started her hydrotherapy she started off by swimming for 3mins and gradually over the next 4months was able to increase her session time to 7mins. Her fitness levels had increased and she was more comfortable in day to day life. Under veterinary guidance mum was able to decrease her medication dramatically and now only gives her medication as and when she needs it.

Shadey stayed in our boarding kennels while mum was away and had her weekly hydrotherapy sessions with us. This meant that we could keep up her fitness levels and she could receive the hydrotherapy that had proven to be so beneficial for her.

Shadey still continues to attend her hydrotherapy sessions and has currently lost approximately 5kg in weight and still continues to improve on her fitness.

She really enjoys her sessions with us and is always eager to get in the pool and play fetch with her favourite toys. Shadey continues to improve each session and now finds her daily life more manageable and pain free.